Islam guides that the absolutely most expensive commodity one has been blessed with and will be held accountable for is the ‘time’ one has been allocated with in the short and transient life of this world as a test and trial from their Lord.And by playing chess we waste many precious hours of our life…which can be utilized for the propagation of the message of Islam and helping the Ummah in general.It is an unproductive activity because of the sheer amount of brain power involved in it which otherwise could be used for the benefit of mankind and Islam..

So by this logic playing computer/mobile games,Xbox and PlayStation,watching movies/sports/TV or any other unproductive activity is prohibited….coz we are wasting our precious time.

some say that we relax by doing such activities…OK if that’s the purpose than what can be a better source of relaxation other than the Quran.Allah subhanahuwatala  says in the Quran that – Verily in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest…Therefore true peace,relaxation and tranquility comes only through dhikr-e-fesabillilah.

On the contrary,sporting activities are not specifically prohibited because of the numerous health benefits…but again that should not be the cause of fitna and hatred amongst fellow humans…like we witness today in most football matches.

Lastly,Hadith Muslim is authentic and agreed upon by all the ulema and scholars across the world..And I have also verified this Hadith from different sources.Just mark the strong words of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and his displeasure…..Man will regret every moment of his life that he spent except in the remembrance of Allah subhanahuwatala.

Even after all this u still love chess(similar activities) remember we will have plenty of time for it after our death…in the afterlife(only if we end up in Jannah,In sha Allah)…yes Allah can give u an Xbox or PlayStation,even chess in your afterlife.Because Allah subhanahuwatala has promised us whatever we want even beyond our imagination in jannah…and we will not even grow old….Test Isa for this life…The Quran says- the life of this world is merely enjoyment of deception….so say no to deception…Allahu Akbar.

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