And what do we know about muslim ummah brethren ?
History has forgotten how a set of soldiers from India defied orders from the British in solidarity with their Turkish Muslim brethren.
In 1915 the mainly Muslim regiment under the British Army was sent to Singapore where their next destination would have been Hong Kong. Then they came to know of a rumour that they will be sent to fight their Muslim brethren in Turkey and not Hong Kong, this is when they rebelled.

As the Muslims around the world regarded the Sultan, Mehmed V, as their leader. At 3.30pm on 15 February, they rebelled, killing British officers who tried to restore order, seizing ammunition and exhorting German prisoners to join them.

Responding to British pleas for help, French, Russian and Japanese warships docked in Singapore on 17 February and their marines fought a fierce battle with the rebels. Many of the rebels died, many surrendered, and the remainder fled into the jungle. By 22 February the rebellion was over.

Forty-seven rebels were later executed by firing squad; 73 more were given long prison sentences.
This episode shows even towards the last stages of the Islamic Khilafah the Muslims still held allegiance to it and their sentiments and emotions were linked to it.
May Allah (swt) reward them for their acts of courage and defiance and restore the Islamic Khilafah in our time to bring us out of oppression and tyranny into one of security and justice.

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