Meteor shower on Earth…Google satellite data..All of it

67.5. And, indeed, We have adorned the lowest heaven (the heaven of the world) with lamps (stars), and made (out of) them missiles to drive away devils; and for them, We have prepared (in the Hereafter) the punishment of the Blaze.

The phenomenon of the shooting stars has been, explained in the Quran 15:16-18; and in 37:6-10, and notes can be found in tafsir Yusuf Ali

The ‘heavens typify not only beauty but power. The Good in Allah’s world is guarded and protected against every assault of Evil. The Evil is not part of the heavenly system: it is a thing in outlawry, merely a self-willed rebellion, – "cast away on every side, repulsed under a perpetual penalty

Stars’ may be taken here in the popular sense, as referring to fixed stars, planets, comets, shooting stars, etc. On a clear night the beauty of the starry heavens is proverbial. Here they are meant to illustrate two points: – their marvelous beauty and their groupings and motions (apparent or real) manifest and typify the Design and Harmony of the One true Creator: and – the power and glory behind them typify that there is a guard against the assaults of Evil (tafsir:Yusuf Ali)

Hence the Quran explains the divine wisdom behind meteor shower.It is interesting to note the specific regions of the Earth where it has been maximum