Scientific proof of Afterlife/Life after death.10 mins will change everything we know about us and the universe…Especially recommended for agnostics…

Important inferences from the mind boggling research:

1)Paradigm shifting Scientific discoveries which shake the foundation of how we see reality.Some of which sound like science fiction.

2)Matter is 99% empty space…WOW,

3)Time travel into the future is possible at high speeds.

4)Quantum particles that can penetrate through impenetrable walls and can exist at two different places at the same time and change their behavior when there is a conscious observer.

5)The most profound mystery in biology is "consciousness"(definition-sum of the electrical discharges occurring throughout the nervous system)

6)Intellect that can lead us to ground breaking discoveries can also give us delusions.

7) Consciousness defines our perception of reality.It works as a digital clock instead of analog.

8)Consciousness is not a continuous flow of experience.Our experiences are broken up into intervals or time quantum of 0.042 secs.Each interval is one moment of consciousness.

9)Each state of consciousness consists of certain amt of information which theoretically can be stored on a hard drive.Tremendous progress has been made on research aimed at simulating the brain.

10)Some of the reality shattering discoveries of the past century haven’t even been absorbed in mainstream reality yet.

11)Discoveries about Consciousness will change the way we look at life and death..(Precisely why i am taking this research pretty seriously as we say,"its the question of our survival,question of our life and death")

12)Time,Space and our entire reality are not what we think they are…Robert Lanza(stem cell researcher).View endorsed by scientists,astro physicists at NASA and noble laureates.

13)Reality is a process that fundamentally involves our consciousness.

14)Without consciousness everything is just probability,TIME has no real existence,space is a concept we use to make sense of things.

15)Quantised states of consciousness is everything….Reality does not exist:it is only an endless sea of static information in which all probabilities exist.

16)Universe is 2D.We percieve it in 3D.Experiences are contained in quantised moments of consciousness.

17)IT WOULDN’T MATTER IF OUR TIMELINE(Just like facebook timeline) was completely scrambled.Tomorrow could happen before yesterday…

18)Time or continuity is actually an illusion.No indication that our perception and memories define the arrow of time.

19)Time simply moves forward – "Not True"

20)Our reality would completely disintegrate or at the very least become highly inconsistent and random at any point.

21)Laws of nature evolve according to mathematical principles.

22)Patterns can be found in any type of chaos.

23) Reality we experience evolves along the probable branches of its own specific pattern.

24)We have an incredible ability to rationalize the oddities in our reality.

25)Evidence hard to refute:Patterns of quantised moments of experience is inherently infinite and STATISTICALLY AN AFTERLIFE IS INEVITABLE…..