The Power Of Ramadan Muslims
Islam is the world’s fastest growing religion and a good few thousand embrace Islam on a daily basis around the world. But these numbers increase dramatically during Ramadan. What happens during this one month that drives such extravagant figures? There has to be more to it than this just being a holy month. What causes so many hearts to turn, what causes all the socio-political inhibitions barraged against Islam to drop down like a smoke curtain?

There are many explanations; like how for one month Satan is locked up and mankind has a better shot at doing good or how even the non-Muslim media in its quest for diversification, gives, for once, some positive airtime to Muslims and Islam. These are important factors but these are not the ones that we ought to be concerned with too much. There is another extremely important driving force behind Ramadan and that force is the Muslims themselves.

For one month, no matter how much of a sinner a person is, he feels obliged to be good, to do that which is good and to be a part of something good. Our behavior changes, our attitude towards life experiences an optimistic shift; we are friendlier, happier, and just downright kind in general. For one month our Masajid (mosques) are alive, we read Qur’an and try to teach others from whatever good we learn. The charitable instances in our normal days see a hike. Self restraint leads to cordial relationships in the markets, offices and other places of work. We are kind towards and tolerant of each other, we respect each other’s opinions and try to make sense with reason instead of senseless debacles. There is even visibly more ‘love in the air’, be it families or friends; everyone feels a part of a stronger whole.

All of this kindness, generosity, patience, love, openness, tolerance, spirituality and brotherhood are infectious. And this infection is called Islam. It spreads throughout the land and attracts everyone to it like a beacon shining alone on a moonless night in a desert. For one month, one whole month, everyone gets to see what Islam is all about and that too not from a secondary source; they get to see the Muslims living it.

There is no greater call to Islam than being Muslims, wallahi there is no bigger dawah. Islam is a self-sustaining, self-enriching entity and that is how this (relatively new) way of life has reached nearly 1.5 Billion people after having started from a small town in a remote desert land. The companions (may Allah be please with them) were able to spread Islam because they lived it. And people around them saw them living it and they liked what they saw, this is simple as abc.

The only way for you to definitively know the merit of something is to see it in action, right? Similarly the only way for any non-Muslims to definitively know that Islam is the perfect way to live, is by witnessing it being lived perfectly. Although we have many flaws, too numerous to mention really, but for this one little month we are a little less flawed, a little less lost, a little less disobedient and that makes all the difference. We’re not perfectly good, it’s just a small change from our usual selves and that small change causes such massive ripples that it literally shifts the socio-cultural paradigm of the world forever.

This is the one month where the odds aren’t stacked up against you. The rest of the year the Devil roams at large but even that is not an excuse for us to be sinful because that is what being human is all about; to endure the test and persevere! Anyhow, for this One Month only there’s a special offer: Top Honcho Devil guy is behind bars and only little vagabond devils roam the Earth; although it may not seem like a lot it does make a big difference. Do not let this opportunity go to waste. Lives have changed in this month, people enter it sinners and leave it with Jannah, may Allah allow us to be of those people, Aameen. Jannah (paradise), imagine the trade; it’s just ridiculous: Jannah for the price of 30 days. Only if we knew the worth of Jannah, we would then know that this is the biggest sale that is ever going to be and Allah puts this great offer up just for us sinners every year. Please, for your own sake don’t let this month go by you. Be the best version of yourself and present yourself in front of your Lord in the best possible way.

If being good Muslims for one month helps us in being: good human beings; more loving and caring of each other; happier; calmer; kinder more generous; (and to put the icing on this cake of awesomeness) the best possible source of dawah to non-Muslims then, what if… what if, we were this good throughout the year? I did say it was a crazy idea. Us? Being Muslims? Throughout the year? Madness!

Well, we do live in strange times, you know, and in times such as these it might not be a bad idea to try a little bit of madness every now and then.