The above verse is very clear about the doubters who doubt the quran regarding its universality,its applicability in modern times, its transalation and a lot more..Allah says there is no doubt…so this ‘doubt’ is an impediment for such people towards receiving divine guidance from the Holy Book…Cast away all doubts before you attempt to understand the Quran…Be positive about it.

One obvious meaning of this verse is that this Book, the Qur’an, is undoubtedly from God. Another possible meaning is that nothing contained in it can be subject to doubt. Books which deal with supernatural questions, with matters that lie beyond the range of sense perception, are invariably based on conjecture and their authors, despite their brave show of competence, are therefore not immune from a degree of scepticism regarding their statements. This Book, which is based wholly on Truth, a Book which is the work of none other than the All-Knowing God Himself is distinguishable from all other books. Hence, there is no room for doubt about its contents despite the hesitation some people might express either through ignorance or folly.(Tafeemul Quran )

The later part talks about the people who will receive guidance from the Quran.Only the ‘Muttaqun’.Who are they…

1.They fear Allah much at all times and not only while facing calamities viz..Tsunami, Wars and Earthquakes.

2.They abstain from all sins and evil deeds.They are not selective about their deeds.For example – While they will not eat pork or drink alcohol coz it is prohibited but at the same time stare at women/men who are not mahram for them.This for them is a small sin which they can indulge in.Important to note “All Sins”.

3)”Love Allah much”.I do not offer salat but i love Allah.I do not fast in Ramadan but i love Allah.I do not give zakat but i love Allah.I do not read the Quran but i love Allah . Finally i do nothing to prove my love for Allah but i truly love Allah.

What kind of love is that ?

The Quran will not be a source of guidance for people who are not ‘Al Muttaqun’.

This means that while the Book is potentially for all, only those who possess certain qualities can benefit from it. The first such quality is piety: those who want to benefit should be disposed to distinguish between good and evil, and to shun evil and do good. Those who lead an animal existence, who never to consider whether their actions are either good or bad, whose cynically follow the prevailing winds, who are helplessly tossed about by the animal desires that dominate their minds, such persons are all together incapable of deriving any benefit from the guidance embodied in the Qur’an(tafsir tafeemul Quran)

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